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Perfect Gifts. Soulfully Designed. Beautifully Packaged.

Essential Oil Diffuser Lamps

Diffuse Essential oils, naturally purify air, protect skin and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

Add style, zen, and ambiance to any room with our white ceramic glass + natural wood 5-in-1 essential oil diffuser lamps.

Tea Tumblers

Change the way you enjoy your drinks, on the go or at home.

Perfect for loose leaf tea, fresh ground or cold brew coffee, fruit infusions, smoothies and crystal water. Designed to inspire moments of presence and connection to your heart.

Sacred Lotus Love Loose Leaf Tea

Awaken your senses with premium USDA certified organic, hand harvested and sustainably-sourced loose leaf tea.

Our teas are grown in natural growing conditions without pesticides or chemicals.
We support organic, biodynamic tea farming + small, non-commercial farms.


Awaken your words with the scratch of pen and page.

Settle down on couch or backpack and travel, transcend and let your inner worlds flow. Are your words secret and sacred? Do they grow and bloom? Do they bring forth from the heart, love in a melody or song? Choose your perfect companion — The Sacred, The Lotus, The Love.


The rituals of life require all of the senses.

Waken the day with the scent and display of air and spirit. Bring the magic into your home and practice, be it with stretch or pen. Rich and full-bodied Sacred or luscious and delicate Lotus have you covered. Perfect for space creation, rituals, writing and meditation.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of presence and connection.

In $25, $50, $75, and $100 denominations.

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