The Lotus Tea Tumbler

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15oz / 450ml 

The Lotus Glass Tumbler with Infuser + Strainer for Loose Leaf Tea, Coffee and Fruit Water. Includes a Quilted Travel Sleeve + Cozy and a Natural Bamboo Leak-Proof Lid. Perfect Gift. Soulful Design. Beautifully Packaged.

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Additional Info

THE LOTUS – 15oz / 450ml

Our second signature double walled glass tea tumbler with removable 2-in-1 strainer and infuser basket is perfect for infusing healthy hot or cold drinks to enjoy at home, or on the go. With a natural bamboo leak-proof lid, this tumbler is light, stylish and easy to clean and use. 

Features the simple and soulful mantra “Listen to your Soul” on the glass and a logo-free lotus design on the glass, infuser and strainer.  Arrives in stunning gift-ready packaging, with a poem and Rumi gift card. Includes a matching travel sleeve.


Loose Leaf Tea, Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Fruit Infusions, Crystal Water Bottle + Smoothies.

Sacred Lotus Love tea tumblers for presence and connection

What you will LOVE about this Tea Tumbler

  • BEAUTIFUL – embossed Lotus Flower and message. No intrusive marketing on the tumbler
  • FUNCTIONAL – double-walled borosilicate glass keeps your drinks hot for 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • SUSTAINABLE – 100% organic, sustainably sourced natural bamboo lid. 18/8 food grade stainless steel
  • PRACTICAL – leak proof, with a BPA free, silicon vacuum seal. No plastic touches liquid
  • GIFT READY – includes a Poem and Rumi Card
  • STYLISH – modern, thoughtful design and packaging
The Lotus Tea Tumbler for Loose Leaf Tea, Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Fruit Infusions, Crystal Water Bottle + Smoothies.

About The Lotus Tea Tumbler

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

With the ‘Lotus’ tea tumbler wanted to capture the essence and beauty of feminine energy: simple and elegant, stunning and soulful. Embossed on the crystal clear glass is ‘Listen to your soul’, so be you at work or play, it will always captivate and delight your eye and heart.

Lotus comes in stylish packaging: White and Rose Gold, with a beautiful poem and Rumi quote gift card. The perfect present for yourself or another.

Extra Details + Features

  • NEW reinforced glass bottom for extra protection
  • Engraved Lotus Flower on 18/8 stainless steel strainer + infuser
  • Free Matching Neoprene Travel Sleeve
  • BPA + Lead FREE
  • FDA, Health Canada, EU + UK Food Grade tested and approved

3 Ways to Use the Lotus Tea Tumbler

  1. With tea or coffee in the infuser basket
  2. With tea, coffee or fruit infusions in the flask itself, with the strainer on top
  3. With smoothies or water on their own, without an infuser basket or strainer

The ‘Lotus’ infuser basket and strainer fit inside the bottle at the top. They lightly click into place. The infuser basket and strainer come attached. Simply unscrew them to use as you prefer, together or separate, or not at all.

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We hope you enjoy the Lotus Tumbler as much as we do.

Yours Always,

Sacred Lotus Love

Sacred Lotus and Love Tea Tumblers

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10 reviews for The Lotus Tea Tumbler

  1. Amy Lademann

    Gorgeous packaging and tea tumbler AND the flask is a great weight and size. I’ve used tea tumblers for years and I love this one the most! It arrived super fast and it would make an amazing gift.

  2. Karli

    Beautiful, functional, and unique. Use this everyday.

  3. Sirena Sastre

    Wow! I’m so impressed with this tea tumbler and all the beautiful details that accompany it. It’s simply beautiful. The design, the glass, the wooden cap. It holds drinks warm for so many hours, and it’s also perfect to sip both tea and fruit infused water. I love the feel of it in my hand when I drink out of it. It fits comfortably in my purse and it’s neoprene sleeve protects it when on the go.
    The Rumi poem and the poem inside the card are just music to my soul.
    I absolutely love this brand. This is the third flask I’ve purchased from Sacred Lotus Love and I just so impressed. Makes such a great gift too!

  4. Jamie Leigh

    I adore this tea tumbler, it makes the ritual of drinking tea so much more special. And this is a perfect gift as it comes in gorgeous packaging!

  5. Dawn Rabey

    I absolutely love my Lotus tea tumbler. It has a beautiful and elegant design etched on it, and the size is perfect. I love drinking out of glass as it always seems to taste better. The little “protector jacket case” that you can put on it is nice for some extra travel protection, although knowing it’s glass, I take extra care with it regardless. I’ve had this tea tumbler for a few months now and everything still works great. My daughter has one and loves it too. Also, the packaging is really sweet with special touches.

  6. Gingi Freeman

    I am head over heels in love!!! Being in the full throes of cold brewing tea (especially delicate herbal teas and fruity teas), this is such an answered prayer. I am so thrilled with this tumbler it’s not even funny. First of all the packaging was amazing! It was wrapped very carefully and came in a gorgeous custom cylinder box that I didn’t want to throw away. There are several other thoughtful and personalized touches within the packaging that made this feel like an intimate gift and left my soul soaring. As for the tumbler itself, pictures don’t do it justice!! The lotus design is etched on the inner glass so there is no worry of it coming off or scratching over time. The infuser and strainer lid snap into place easily and doesn’t wobble at all. I am a sucker for positive affirmations and surrounding myself with uplifting art and inspirational quotes, and this tea tumbler manages to cover all those bases. I find myself ruminating on and focusing on “Listen to Your Soul” when I have my tumbler in the car with me, on my desk, and in my bag, and it just makes me happy every time I look at it. It makes nourishing and hydrating myself a joy!

  7. Leanne Woehlke

    Beautiful tea tumbler. Perfect gift idea!

  8. Cathy Milkey

    This such a beautiful tea bottle! I have a few tea bottles but had yet to get one with a useful infuser. This one is all glass and very nice! I love that the bottle says “Listen to your soul,” a great reminder for me and all of us :). I used it with loose leaf tea and none of the tea leaves make it through the diffuser. Success!

    It arrived safely in a specially-made bubble wrap piece (so cool I could write a review for that!), and inside there, it was packaged beautifully in a Sacred Lotus Love tube. So well-presented with so much attention to detail such as the lotus on the top of the infuser – so special! I am keeping this for myself, but it would make a very lovely gift. In addition to the tea bottle, you get a special poem that they suggest you put in your wallet or purse. What a great idea! This tea tumbler feels special from the moment you open the box. It’s extremely well done all around and creates an experience for the receiver.

  9. Kemya Scott

    This tumbler feels like such a special gift. From the packaging, to the poetry and thoughtful design, everything about this tumbler makes you feel calm and centered. And the strainer takes this beyond pretty to practical. I only drink tea/coffee/fruit water, so this is a perfect travel anywhere vessel for me. And it’s pretty enough to look like it belongs on your desk. It’s a necessary indulgence, and would make the perfect gift!

  10. Marta Rusin

    Beautiful tea tumbler. I LOVE it !!! With sacred geometry symbols. Love to drink from it. Every time before I drink, I energise my water also have small rose quartz and amethyst in infuser to don’t damage the glass. Professional and beautiful packaging. Highly recommand. Perfect gift idea.

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The Lotus Tea Tumbler

The Lotus Tea Tumbler

$34.99 $25.99

In stock

Extra Details


15oz / 450ml







Mouth Opening



Borosilicate Glass – Class A
18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel (infuser basket + strainer)
BPA-Free Hardened Silicone Seal (lid) 
Natural and Organic Bamboo (lid)
Reinforced Glass Bottom for durability
All parts are FDA + EU approved


1 x LOTUS 15oz / 450ml Tumbler
1 x Infuser basket
1 x Strainer attachment
1 x Bamboo Leak Proof Lid
1 x Travel Sleeve
1 x Poem Gift Card
1 x Rumi Gift Card
1 x Gift Ready Packaging