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Moments of Presence and Connection

Have you found life gets a little full and the head busy with it? We know this from our own lives which is why we set out to create gifts that remind us to slow down, feel inside, and get a little perspective in our day.

We believe that the greater connection we have to our hearts, the fuller impact we will have on one another and our planet.

With our goal orientated ways, creating space for precious moments and the people that matter most, is surprisingly easy to brush past, regardless of our best intentions.

That’s why we exclusively create products for you with one aim. Whether you are heading to your yoga practice, journaling in the park, cuddled with your partner when the sun leaves for the dark, or waking and planning your new day ahead – we want to help you create moments of presence and connection in your life.

Our Commitment to you: Beautiful items. Purposefully designed. Sustainable and easy on the environment. Beneficial to everyone involved in each step of the journey – from vision to creation, delivery to open.

All our products are luxury items with unique and artistic packaging. They are designed to be received as a gift, be it for another or yourself. Included with each one is a poem inspired by your product and a Rumi poem to read, enjoy and pass on – after all, what is love if not shared?

Sacred Lotus Love | Product to create moments of presence and connection

Tea Tumblers

Change the way you enjoy tea, on the go or at home, with our beautifully designed, handcrafted glass and bamboo tea tumblers. Great for the environment and for your health.

Choose The Sacred, The Lotus, or The Love. Each are a perfect companion for the Soulful lifestyle.


The rituals of life require all of the senses. Inspired by Eastern travels, waken the day with scent and a display of air and spirit. Bring the magic into your home and practice, be it with pen or stretch.

Exclusively designed by Sacred Lotus Love®.


Stay dry and warm with our exclusively handmade blankets, selected in two sizes. Super soft, light and durable, chosen especially for moments of cozy requirement.

Be it on the beach, home, park or after your Yoga session in Savasana. Wrap up together or alone, and enjoy the comfort of nature.

Mugs + Bowls

Cuddle Mugs and Mocha/Chai Bowls

Cuddle-up never felt so good! Delicious drinks housed in hand shaped mugs and drinking bowls. Perfect for intimate mornings or nights with fire and good company. Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate or Chai, whatever your pleasure, enjoy it together with our beautiful cuddle mugs and bowls.

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Love + Gratitude

See what others are saying about our products…

“I wish I could give this incense 50 stars! I’ve been looking for it ever since I lived in Ubud, Bali in 2012….when I lived across the street from the family that MAKES THIS INCENSE! It is the most intoxicating aroma that is uplifting and calming at the same time. I know first hand that the ingredients are pure because I walked through the gardens myself and I witnessed the sacred way that each stick is hand rolled.

I’m so grateful to the owners of Sacred Lotus Love for keeping the integrity of this product and not getting the formula mass produced somewhere or substituting the original, high quality ingredients with cheaper, low quality ingredients. Thank you!!!!!”

~ Deborah Kern, Austin, Tx

So elegant and such a gentle reminder to slow down and “listen to your soul”. Love that the 2-way infuser gives you the option to remove or keep the leaves in the tumbler to enjoy seeing them. Also would make a lovely gift for special people in my life.

~ Linda R. Ontario, Canada

These bottles are great. They have changed the way I drink and enjoy tea. I love the patterns and designs. There is something calming about seeing the light reflect through the tea. Easy to clean and good to carry around. I take mine to work. Love this!

~ David M. Oxford, England

I bought the Sacred for my boyfriend and the Lotus for myself, and I can’t decide which one I like more. Both are so beautifully designed, unique and useful – I literally have used mine every day since I bought it.

~ Nicole S. Laguna, California

Just beautiful! I love this tumbler so much. The design and feel. The packaging and the poems! You can tell a lot of thought has gone into creating a great experience. My new companion for work and play. Thank you Sacred Lotus Love x

~ Pamela D. Brisbane Australia

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Get our free PDF guide to Creating moments of Presence and Connection