About Us

Sacred Lotus Love | Peter + Carmen

We were inspired to create Sacred Lotus Love® after a move from Bali to Australia, where we met under the shade of tropical trees and mysterious temple silhouettes.

We found each other there, and discovered our very own corner of love.

After moving to Australia, we were so busy, finding our feet in a new place, rushing around trying to tidy up the mess of our unsettled selves, we had little time for the magic that brought us together.

One night I found myself anxiously tapping the worktop impatient for the kettle to boil, eager to get back to the ever-present laptop and the work world it led to.

By the time the kettle had finished, having grudgingly chopped the mint leaves and ginger for my partner’s tea flask (I was still using tea bags in my cup), I poured the hot water into the glass tumbler, breathed in the aroma of the ingredients, heard the gentle bubble of hot water stirring the essence of the flavors through the infuser basket, and as I watched the first wisps of steam curl up and carry the aroma to my senses. I noticed I felt calmer. I breathed a little easier.

Afterwards I pushed the laptop lid shut, joined my partner on the couch, and enjoyed that precious space between us.

It sounds such a simple thing. Yet the experience reminded me of other rituals we grew up with, like enjoying the play of an entire vinyl album, which we rarely make the time for in our lives anymore. Ever since the click and switch of buttons took over, and gave us "instant", yet disconnected us from appreciation of detail, the chopping and the making, and the value in taking the time to do them with thought and love. Just one of the many things my partner has reminded me to do in her own quiet way, simply by doing.

Presence and Connection, two important words for us both, and we feel, for us all. We have set out to help create more of them both, because there are many ways to bring positivity to this world, and in a small way, this is one of ours.

So what would be possible for each of us if we had more of what those two words promise, Presence and Connection?

Our commitment to you - to provide beautiful gifts that we love and hope you do to.

Your end of the bargain - enjoy those moments of Presence and Connection with someone you love, or with the person we must love the most but rarely remember to show – ourselves. Enjoy the pleasure of simply being with you.

With all our love,


Sacred Lotus Love | Peter + Carmen